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 By Maya Angelou.


Meet the founder of Tidy & White Ltd, Margarita (Maggie) Apaza.

Allow me to introduce myself: I was born and raised in Bolivia at the age of 13, when I started learning to organise the house by myself. I started using crafts to make things look beautiful and have always been passionate about organising! After tidying up and organising the house, I used to feel sooo….. Happy!

While my friends and other teenagers of my age were in a completely different world, I was already discovering the spark of joy that organising created in me! Without knowing!…. From the age of 17, I have been working in the field of financial accounting, where I have further honed my organisation skills. Having moved to London (still living in) where I have been raising a demanding family, working full time & studying, was not easy. Being organised for me was extremely important and it is still essential now. I found organising became natural to me. Tidying up my home gives me a sense of freedom, power and I feel confident and relaxed when I know where everything is, as well as helping me to save time & money.

My organising skills have given me the confidence to take on new challenges that I never thought I could manage before 

My family, friends, & co-workers have encouraged me to share the life style I acquired in my life, therefore to bring happiness to other’s people lives. This is why I decided to start my business Tidy & White. So, on 25th May 2019, with the mission of assisting people who need help decluttering and organising at home and in the office, Tidy & White was launched 

Our Motto

Tidy place + Tidy mind = Tidy life

I am the first Certified Consultant on the KonMari™ method who is Bolivian Born.

Having lived & worked in Bolivia, Brazil & England, I am fluent in my native language: Quechua, Spanish as well as Portuguese & English.

“I can help you declutter and be more organised using the KonMari Method

Alongside having completed the KonMari Certified Consultant Course in Los Angeles, CA, on 20th September 2019; I am also a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) in the UK. Association of Spanish Professional Organisers (AOPE).

I am specialised & certified in: Baby Organising, Mum Planner, Executive House Keeping Organising, Home Office, Moving Organising, Bereavement Organising, and Visual Impairment & Physical Disabilities Organising, qualified in Brazil. Digital Organising, qualified in Spain.

Furthermore, as a curious and passionate person, I have been and will always be inquisitive about organising methods.

Therefore, after a long time trying to ignore my passion for organising, finally I can share and bring the spark of joy, to your home or business

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Tidy Place + Tidy Mind = Tidy Life