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At Tidy & White everything on the website has a meaning!

Home page – As you can see, Tidy & White’s logo is made up of moving sparkles.  When a client goes to our website, they can already see a theme of celebration, considering the fact that the client are looking for our professional help. Right after, there will be flowers and we chose those because typically, they inspire a person to cheer up by welcoming and embracing everyone. The sky shown with the flowers symbolise the action of dreaming high and never giving up! Colours have been closely analysed to transmit a sense of tranquillity. All the flower pictures have been taken by me at the National Trust Park and I made sure each picture has a meaning, for example in about page, the pink and water drops symbolising teardrops which ultimately represent the act of cleansing yourself and your house. Finally, the white flowers which serve to transmit a sense of purification.

Meaning of Service page

This page is pure white because I wanted to convey the idea of starting a new chapter in your life with a clean slate. Additionally, I chose a picture with the sunshine coming through the flowers which further signifies Tidy & White coming to help you. I also chose this picture with the hope that we would be that light in your life!

Meaning of Contact Page

This section is decorated with a yellow flower and as you can see there are also water drops which I personally interpret as a way of telling you that you do not need to anguished by the process, as we try our best to meet your needs and pace. Furthermore, going back to the yellow colour of the flower, it signifies that you are precious, your emotions are valid and that is why we invite you to talk to us should you need our assistance.

KonMari Page

This is our page inspired by Marie Kondo’s approach to decluttering a space. The picture you can see was chosen by me because she was right in front of me. The following picture you can see is a picture of her with a big smile to welcome you and embrace her philosophy, as well as the anticipated joy you will feel once the space in your house is decluttered and organised.

Meaning of Testimonial Page

I chose the white prickly flowers with a bit of yellow in the middle and finally, the green leaves that show how everyone has a different and unique starting point, which distinguish each client based on their personality and their reasons for coming to us, however, the goal remains the same and, in the end, each is beautiful in its own way. Moreover, the yellow in the middle conveys that you are special and finally we have the green leaves, which naturally blossom during spring and they convey a sense of renewal and rebirth of your home after it has been decluttered.

Meaning of Logging in Page

The background picture of the entire blue sky is for you to dream high of your new desired lifestyle which will begin as soon as you log in and contact us!

Meaning of FAQ Page

Here, the recurring theme of the white flowers with a bit of sunshine coming through is to show that even though all the flowers are white, they are different shapes of the same colour and this signifies however client comes to us with hesitation and the expected anguish while unravelling their inner emotions linked to their situations. It is completely understandable to feel uncomfortable initially with the thought of opening your door to someone you don’t know. However, the life-changing decision to involve us in improving your lifestyle will gradually relieve you when you finally see the drastic transformation of your home. This is further emphasised with the symbolism of the sun coming through the flowers, signifying how there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this approach requires a positive mentality.

Meaning of Terms & Conditions

Some people may think it’s boring to read and that is why I left a panorama view to marvel at the big beautiful sunny sky shining through like a diamond and reaching the intense redness of the poppies. This is to inspire you to have new terms and conditions in your life. This is to remind you that you can shine just as bright as the sun once the happiness reaches your heart. In addition, the poppies represent Remembrance Day!

Meaning of Private Policy Page

Yet again, we encounter the picture of a blue sky and bright yellow flowers that resemble the colour of gold. This is to remind you that to us, your privacy is our priority and it has the value of gold and you, as a client are just precious as gold.

Here you can find all the news about our mascots & what do they mean...

Here, you can see a picture of green flowers with a glimpse of white, before blossoming. I chose that picture with the hope that Tidy & White will grow as a company as new experiences are approached as well as the skills that will be gained since the day we launched it. While we strive to reach that goal, our flowers are meant to welcome and appreciate every ethnicity, background, culture and tradition.

At Tidy & White, we love mascots – We considered all types of animals to adopt as our mascots, however, I had remembered that I used to have a pet bunny when I was a child, so I decided to adopt a bunny family. Furthermore, I believe the idea of having bunny mascots would share their identity with our company and represent it as they connote a sense of family, emotional re-birth, a cute, cuddly softness, as well as connotations of vulnerability, wellbeing and a sense of approachable comfort.

The whole family plays an essential role at Tidy & White and we are pleased to introduce you:

Daddy Bunny- Quinn

Origin of the name Quinn: Derived from the Irish surname O’ Quinn. Means wisdom, reason and intelligence.

Mummy Bunny – Abigail

Origin of the name Abigail: Derived from the Hebrew, means giving joy, beauty and loyalty.

Bunny boy- Florentius

Origin of the name Florentius: The name Florentius is of Latin origin. Meaning blossoming and flourishing.

Bunny Girl – Eva

Origin of the name Eva: The name derives from Hebrew meaning life or living one. It can also mean full of life.

We would like to emphasise the fact that Tidy & White is extremely thankful to our clients for letting us into their home. As a result, we specifically requested Abigail to be hand-drawn seated on her knees to show our gratitude and respect for the client’s home and allowing us to join in their remarkable journey. Abigail represents Tidy & White: the green shawl she is wearing signifies hope and safety. The blue cloth she is holding, according to the colour coding, means information and cleanliness. Furthermore, the yellow cloth on top of the pile is to show joy and prosperity, while the orange cloth beneath it represents a bright and uplifting vibe. The pink cloth represents compassion, warmth and from a subjective point of view, it can be also linked to Cancer Research. The red cloth at the bottom of the pile represents the love we put into our home. These emotions and connotations conveyed by the colours are what we want our clients to feel after having decluttered and organised their home. The reason why Abigail is shown to be holding a cloth is that we wanted to transmit what sparks joy in your life by doing the joy check. Because of the immense respect, I hold for my clients, I aim to protect their feelings before and after the process. One way we could show this on our social media platforms is by placing Abigail on the introduction of our posts. The purpose for this is also to inspire others because determination is key and we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Grandma Bunny – Joy

What is the spiritual meaning of joy?

Joy, as a spiritual quality, lasts forever. We always have it. Having joy includes feeling good, cheering up and a sense of vibrant happiness. But joy, in its fuller, spiritual meaning of expressing God’s goodness, involves more. It is deep-rooted, inspired happiness.

Mr Orangutan is a book collector. He is wise and one of the main characters on the video (I hope the video will come soon). He got so involved in reading his books that he did not realise how many he had. He only realised when he saw there was no space to move around in the house.

Miss Magpie represents all the people who like to shop until they drop! She loves to get everything that shines and bring it home, where she lives with Mr Orangutan in the most beautiful tree of the forest. She has some jewellery from the Queen: an elegantly decorated red pin on the side of the head, as well as a royal emerald necklace which represents the beauty of English jewellery as well as symbolising hope. When I visited Windsor Castle, I got inspired by this piece of jewellery if you see closely.

With her majestic open wings, they represent the freedom you might feel when your life is free of clutter. In the picture, she is ready to fly standing on the bench of a tree surrounded with pink roses and newly-blossomed green leaves.

With her beautiful white chest full of feathers representing Tidy & White, she has a big, proud smile and sings because her life has been changed. Drawn by:

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